FLAWED is a lush journey through real and spectral worlds. A magical mystery, it draws on Tibetan, First Nation, and Classical mythology to tell the story of two families: four generations, torn apart by a terrible secret that cries out to be revealed.


“It was my mother who sent me into the arms of a killer. ...white trash recycled to fine china. Only I saw how cracked she was...”


With the hands of a healer, Heather Herington uses her knowledge of homeopathy, botanical medicine and entheogens to unearth the tenuous connections between ancestors and progeny.


“The little folk flutter and buzz... scrambling up vines of brilliant blue clematis, over a rambling rose... Years ago, a little girl lived here... Painted them almost all her life. [They] have threads to tie, threads that have been ripped, shredded, left to disintegrate. ...They feel frisky at the knowledge that they have secrets to unravel, memories to sort through, decisions to make of the highest order.”


Definition of an entheogen: A psychoactive substance that induces alterations in consciousness. The word comes from two ancient Greeks words--entheos meaning “in God” or inspired, and genesthai “to cause to be.”


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